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We have a printed roster of 20,000+ names of men who were in the CCC in South Dakota available for review at the Museum. We discover and receive information that adds to the men's record and story. We want to recognize all the men and this is the beginning of sharing their stories. With the many thousands of names it is a massive task but with the determination of our volunteers and the families and friends that share stories, photos and artifacts, we will continue to build upon the information we have to preserve the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in South Dakota.

Hayes, Gordon O.
1 or more photos Bonita Springs, SD
1938, 2754, Wall (Badlands), NP-2

Heffner, Charles Xenephon (Chuck)
1 or more photos Howells, NE
1937, 757,Doran, F-23

Hegge, Palmer
1 or more photos Hudson, SD
1935, 2748, Tigerville, F-15

Heggem, Alfred (Fritz)
1 or more photos Camp Crook, SD
1934, 1793, Pine Creek, S-1
1935, 1793, Pine Creek (Keystone), SP-1

Heier, Alvin Herman (Cot)
1 or more photos Akaska, SD
1936, Camps near Custer, SD

Hendrickson, Jay E.
1 or more photos Mystic, SD
1937, 1790, Mystic, F-1
792, Roubaix, F-6

Hengen, Orville
1 or more photos White Lake, SD
1936, 4726, Crow Creek, SCS-1

Henrickson, Ralph Vern
1 or more photos Sisseton, SD
1937, 793, Hill City, F-9

Herman, Herbert H.
1 or more photos Gackle, ND
1935, 2765 Camp Crook, F-19
1937, 2765, Ft. Meade, SCS-6

Hermanson, Melvin
1 or more photos Bruce, SD
1934, 1790, Rochford, F-5
1935, 1790, Rochford, F-5

Hermanson, Oscar R.
1 or more photos Bruce, SD
1941, 2765, Ft. Meade, South Dakota

Herseth, Ralph E.
1 or more photos Houghton, SD
1935, 2749, Sand Lake (Columbia), BF-2
1937, 2749, Columbia, BF-4

Hiermeier, Melvin Albert (Mel)
1 or more photos Pringle, SD
1937, 2757, Narrows (Blue Bell), SP-3

Hoglund, Carl G.
1 or more photos Langford, SD
1934, 1791, Custer, F-12
1935, 1791, Custer (Vestal Springs), F-12

Holmes, Martin Arthur
1 or more photos Rapid City, SD
1933, 1793, Pine Creek, S-1

Holsclaw, Frederick Benbow
1 or more photos Quinn, SD
1934, 793, Hill City, F-9
1935, District Headquarters, Ft. Meade

Hubert, Carl Alfred
1 or more photos Hecla, SD
1933, 1789, Pactola, F-4

Hughes, Walter Howard (Walt)
1 or more photos Elk City, KS
1938, 784, Neodesha, KS, SCS-22
1938-39, 762, Custer, F-12

Huisinga, David Conrad
1 or more photos Chancellor, SD
1935-36, 2754, Wind Cave, NP-1

Iverson, Elwood P. (Whitey)
1 or more photos Meckling, SD
1938-39, 791, Lightning Creek, F-14

Iverson, Glenn C.
1 or more photos Doland, SD
1937, 1793, Lodge, SP-4

Johnson, Frank L.B.
1 or more photos Edgemont, Custer, SD
1933-34, 1791, Custer, F-12
1935, 1791, Custer (Vestal Springs), F-12

Johnson, Gustav Sigfrid (Swede)
1 or more photos Hitchcock, SD
1935, 1790, Rochford, F-5
1935-39, 2757, Narrows (Blue Bell), SP-3

Johnson, Milton A.
1 or more photos Tolstoy, SD
1937-39, 2750, Orman Dam (Fruitdale), BR-2

Joyce, Thomas F.
1 or more photos Crosby, ND
1935, 2765 Camp Crook, F-19

Juett, Clarence M. (Whitey)
1 or more photos Giltner, NE
1939-40, 2757, Narrows (Blue Bell), SP-3

Kalmbach, George
1 or more photos Akaska, SD
1934, 2751, Oreville, F-16
1935, 793, Hill City, F-9

Kaski, Elmer G.
1 or more photos Bryant, SD
1935, 793, Hill City, F-9

Kewley, Adelbert W. (Del)
1 or more photos Howard, SD
1935, 2746, Alcester, SCS-3
1937, 2746, Alcester, SCS-3

Kewley, Charles W.
1 or more photos Howard, Alexandria, SD
1935, 1789, Pactola, F-4
1935-38, 792, Roubaix, F-6

Kimball, Edgar M.
1 or more photos Patricia, SD
1939, 2750, Fruitdale (Orman Dam), B-2

Kirchgesler, Jacob B. (Jack)
1 or more photos Aberdeen, SD
1936-38, 1791, Custer, F-12

Kittleson, Dale Allen
1 or more photos Hawarden, IA
1937, 2746, Alcester, SCS-3

Kittleson, Donald Earl
1 or more photos Osceola, SD
1937, 762, Custer, F-12

Klattenhoff, Leonard E.
1 or more photos Dodge County, NE
1934, 756, Savoy, F-18

Kocmich, Edward J.
1 or more photos Avon, SD
1936, 2754, Wind Cave, DNP-1

Kuck, Loenard William
1 or more photos Centerville, SD
1935, 1790, Camp Rochford, F-5

Kusek, Henry Stanley
1 or more photos Burwell, NE
1937, 757, Doran, F-23

Larson, John Edward
1 or more photos Britton, SD
1939, 789, Roubaix, South Dakota

Larson, Paul
1 or more photos Rapid City, SD
1933, 791, Hill City, F-2
1934, 2757, Narrows (Blue Bell), DSP-1

Laur, Winford J. (Buzz)
1 or more photos Gregory, SD
1934, 2756, Farm Island (Pierre), S-207

Lehn, Dallas
1 or more photos Elba, NE
1939-40, 2757, Narrows, SP-1

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This is an ongoing and active project. New information is added and revisions are made regularly. This original roster was made possible by a grant from the Mary Chilton Foundation of the DAR to the Black Hills Chapter #177, CCC Alumni Association.