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Civilian Conservation Corps
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History 2018-01-27
Hospital Notes
During the icy weather the axe and pick are very dangerous tools.
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History 2018-01-17
They Came From Kansas
Ninety-three men from Kansas detrained Easter Sunday morning.
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History 2017-08-27
CCC Company 757
One of the oldest companies in the United States, was organized at Fort Crook, Nebraska, on May 18, 1933.
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History 2017-08-17
History NE-SD District CCC
The CCC seeks to develop initiative, love of country and obedience to its laws, honesty and character.
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History 2017-08-09
More Than History
History gives us a window into the past, a map to the present and a vision of what's ahead.
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History 2017-05-20
CCC Featured in New Rushmore Display
On May 18, Mount Rushmore added a new display featuring the CCC.
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History 2016-12-24
The Service Company
The Service Company is the supply detachment of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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History 2016-12-07
Finding History in CSP
Rediscovered plans, blueprints, and documents for the CCC projects in Custer State Park
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History 2016-11-13
Tourism, Recreation and The CCC
Tourism in South Dakota has benefited greatly by what the CCC did from 1933-1942.
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History 2016-09-27
Custer State Park
The CCs building Custer State Park, 1933-1941.
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History 2016-07-03
CCC Beginning
Roosevelt's comments about the CCC, brings in Fechner.
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History 2016-06-17
Custer State Park Architecture
CCC responsible for much of Custer State Park infrastructure.
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History 2016-05-14
Cletrac Crawler
The needs of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and public works projects kept the plant open.
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History 2016-03-14
The CCC and The Internet
The Civilian Conservation Corps has nothing to do with the internet.
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History 2016-01-13
What and Who
It was created to solve two of the nation's ills -- unemployment and deteriorating natural resources.
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History 2016-01-13
Mount Rushmore and The CCC
The CCC, he concluded, was a pack of "non-productive, incompetent, no-accounts"
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History 2015-12-29
The Museum Collection
An enrollees' trunk displays the personal items of a young man serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) at one of camps in the state.
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History 2015-12-21
Men of the CCC
About the men and their lives.
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History 2015-10-09
16 Bon Homme Boys
16 Bon Homme County Boys From List of 35 Applicants Will Leave Tomorrow
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History 2015-07-30
Pierre woman shares her link to Civilian Conservation Corps
"Art said they had plenty to eat and a good place to sleep," Hazel said.
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History 2015-07-16
Victoria Lake
The concrete dam at Lake Victoria was damaged during the Rapid City flood on June 9th, 1972. The dam was repair a couple of times but the lake was eventually drained and never refilled.
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