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History 2017-08-09
More Than History
History gives us a window into the past, a map to the present and a vision of what's ahead.
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Event 2017-07-28
Tyrrell - Five Generations
Bernie recalled his dad talking about the work he had done near the Stratobowl.
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Event 2017-06-24
Todd Family Visits Museum
Family of Thomas R. (Ray) Todd visit Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota.
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Event 2017-06-13
A Very Important Time
A time that was very important to my father, Robert Gould & his best friend Charles Fenwick
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Event 2017-06-12
CC Pie
Cream instead of milk was even better.
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History 2017-05-20
CCC Featured in New Rushmore Display
On May 18, Mount Rushmore added a new display featuring the CCC.
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Event 2017-05-19
Museum Open House, 2017
June 17, 2017 - Annual Open House - Civilian Conservation Corps Museum
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Event 2017-05-18
We Love Our Volunteers
We know that we cannot tell everyone about the Civilian Conservation Corps without you.
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Event 2017-04-14
NAI Visits CCC Museum
Heartland Region of the National Association for Interpretation visited CCC Museum of South Dakota.
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Event 2017-02-16
Jan Conn Visits CCC Museum
Climbing and caving legend Jan Conn visits the CCC Museum.
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History 2016-12-24
The Service Company
The Service Company is the supply detachment of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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Collection 2016-12-22
Canteen Coupon Books
Credits are extended to you in the form of canteen coupon books.
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Collection 2016-12-16
Maxine's Christmas Card
Are there more CCC Christmas cards out there?
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History 2016-12-07
Finding History in CSP
Rediscovered plans, blueprints, and documents for the CCC projects in Custer State Park
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Event 2016-11-28
Everyone Loves a Parade
CCC Museum of South Dakota has entry in 2016 Olde Tyme Christmas parade.
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History 2016-11-13
Tourism, Recreation and The CCC
Tourism in South Dakota has benefited greatly by what the CCC did from 1933-1942.
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Event 2016-10-21
Hendrickson Receives Legacy Pin
Mr. Hendrickson is an active member of CCC Museum of South Dakota board of directors and is an avid promoter of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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Event 2016-10-20
Activity 99
99 activities, places, events or fun things to do or items to find in several locations around the Black Hills.
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Event 2016-10-17
CCC Feature Story
Steve Long anchor/reporter with Rapid City, SD based television station KEVN spoke with Civilian Conservation Corps man, Jay Hendrickson.
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Camp-News 2016-09-28
The Bad Hash
It was one-way traffic to the straddle ditch.
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History 2016-09-27
Custer State Park
The CCs building Custer State Park, 1933-1941.
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