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category: History, date: 2016-12-24, by Museum Staff
The Service Company

After the last company had left for the field, these men were quartered in one of the deserted mess halls of the Reconditioning Camp and were commanded successively by Captain Joe C. Rogers, 4th Cavalry, 1st Lieutenant Virgil F. Shaw, 4th Cavalry, and Captain W. L. Barriger, 4th Cavalry.

About the last part of August the detachment was moved from the site of the Reconditioning Camp to the rooms above the Post Exchange Building. The truck drivers were later moved into the Band Barracks.

On October 7th the detachment was organized into a separate unit and the strength was increased to 70 men, to be gained by transfers from the various companies in the field.

Captain William L. Barriger, 4th Cavalry, was the Service Company's first commanding officer and was relieved by the present commander, First Lieutenant Harold E. Walker, 4th Cavalry, on October 14th, 1933.

The Service Company is the supply detachment of the Civilian Conservation Corps. The clerks of the detachment have their specified duties in the offices of the Post that have anything to do with the Civilian Conservation Corps. They are clerks in district headquarters, C. C. C. Commissary, Quartermaster offices and the hospital. The truck drivers haul all the freight necessary for the supplies of the company and supply all the necessary transportation for the movement of casuals and so forth. The men on the freight detail load and unload the supplies and help in the quartermaster supply section of the Post riding hall. x

The CCC TrucksThe Service Company is the supply detachment of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

x 1933 South Dakota District Annual

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