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category: Collection, date: 2016-12-22, by Museum Staff
Canteen Coupon Books

The Camp Exchange is the general store of the CCC Camp at which you may purchase your daily necessities such as cigarettes, toilet articles, writing paper, stamps, candy, soft-drinks and beer. This store or canteen aims to sell at a reduced price and thus effects a saving for you over which you would have to pay in town.

The exchange is operated so as to make a small profit each month and this profit is used by the company for camp improvements such as the purchase of ping-pong tables, baseball and basketball equipment, and many other things beneficial to the men.

It can therefore be seen that while spending your money at the Camp Exchange you are helping yourself in two ways; first you save money while purchasing the things you need, and secondly the profit on the merchandise sold to you goes into camp improvements which again helps you for after all this camp is your home.

Credits are extended to you in the form of canteen coupon books. Since you receive $8.00 in cash on pay day you may have 4.80 in credit. However books are issued in no less than $1.00 denominations so for practical purposes the limit is placed at $5.00 for the total amount of books you may check out.

At the close of the month the amount which you owe the canteen is deducted from the cash you have coming before you are paid.

CCC canteen coupon books
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