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Collection 2018-03-02
Art Returns Home
New Deal Era Art Returns Home to South Dakota Black Hills
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Collection 2016-12-22
Canteen Coupon Books
Credits are extended to you in the form of canteen coupon books.
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Collection 2016-12-16
Maxine's Christmas Card
Are there more CCC Christmas cards out there?
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Collection 2016-05-10
Black Hills Boxing Treat
30 rounds of boxing, a real treat for Black Hills fight fans.
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Collection 2016-04-26
Photo Album (Set 001)
Photo donations from CCC Boy Stan Hawthorne
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Collection 2015-07-16
New Recruit Handbook
During the first few days of your life in Co. 792, you may find it difficult to accustom yourself to these new surroundings, especially if you have lived all your life in a town or city.
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Collection 2015-06-19
What Is It?
One of the interesting items in the collection at the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota is the Backpack Water Fire Extinguisher.
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