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Camp-News 2017-12-23
Ripples Christmas
A Camp Christmas - menu and more
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Camp-News 2016-09-28
The Bad Hash
It was one-way traffic to the straddle ditch.
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Camp-News 2015-09-25
(With apologies to the Psalmists from the Orderly Room of Co. 907, Alta Loma, Calif.)
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Camp-News 2015-07-12
35 Skunk This Month
He was not so enthusiastic about an association with a skunk he met in close quarters
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Camp-News 2015-06-26
First in South Dakota
Este was the first South Dakota camp opened and one of the last closed.
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Camp-News 2015-06-22
Army Personnel Changes
Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company Commander, was called to active service the fore part of this month.
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Camp-News 2015-06-08
Garvey Returns
Lt. Dale Garvey, Former Junior Officer, Returns as Commander of Co. 4726
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