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Camp-News 2015-06-26
First in South Dakota
Este was the first South Dakota camp opened and one of the last closed.
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History 2015-06-22
CCC Camps in 1933
List of first the CCC Camps. Some of them received "Bird Cages" from the US Post Office.
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Camp-News 2015-06-22
Army Personnel Changes
Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company Commander, was called to active service the fore part of this month.
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Collection 2015-06-19
What Is It?
One of the interesting items in the collection at the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota is the Backpack Water Fire Extinguisher.
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History 2015-06-15
Life in a CCC Camp
Jay Hendrickson can still remember it.
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Event 2015-06-13
Open House 2015
Special guests were CCC workers: Jay Hendricksen, Hill City; Pat Ryan, Custer; Elmore Omdahl, Rapid City and Melvin Fernau, New Underwood.
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Event 2015-06-12
CCC Museum Open House
CCC Museum of South Dakota 2015 Open House
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Camp-News 2015-06-08
Garvey Returns
Lt. Dale Garvey, Former Junior Officer, Returns as Commander of Co. 4726
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History 2015-06-06
Horsethief Lake
Horsethief Lake was created in the 1930s when the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built a dam on Pine Creek.
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History 2015-06-06
Pelican Paradise
Civilian Conservation Corps workers built dikes and water control structures that eventually resulted in the creation of 11 pools of water.
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Event 2015-06-03
Reunion Dedication
A.J. Williams, Iven Jacobson, Jay Hendrickson, Jayson Dykstra, Melvin Hermanson, Stanley Hawthorn and Walter Atwood talk about their time in the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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History 2015-05-22
Multi Repurposing
Regenerating a building by modifying someone else's creation into a new form and function, under restrictions of a tight budget, were the hurdles.
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Event 2015-05-08
CCC Museum proud to be part of Hill City Extravaganza
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