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Event 2016-03-23
2009 Museum Dedication
11 Year Old Student Addresses Crowd At Civilian Conservation Corps Museum Dedication
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History 2016-03-14
The CCC and The Internet
The Civilian Conservation Corps has nothing to do with the internet.
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Event 2016-03-08
Official CCC Museum
Museum recognized as Official CCC Museum of SD
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Event 2016-03-04
CCC Boy Guest Speaker at Westerners
Hendrickson was the guest speaker at Hot Springs, SD "corral" of Westerners International at the Pine Hills Retirement Community.
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History 2016-01-13
What and Who
It was created to solve two of the nation's ills -- unemployment and deteriorating natural resources.
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History 2016-01-13
Mount Rushmore and The CCC
The CCC, he concluded, was a pack of "non-productive, incompetent, no-accounts"
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History 2015-12-29
The Museum Collection
An enrollees' trunk displays the personal items of a young man serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) at one of camps in the state.
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History 2015-12-21
Men of the CCC
About the men and their lives.
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Camp-News 2015-12-15
Ripples Christmas
A Camp Christmas - menu and more
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Event 2015-11-23
Divas Visit Museum
"The Divas" visited the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota in Hill City.
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History 2015-10-09
16 Bon Homme Boys
16 Bon Homme County Boys From List of 35 Applicants Will Leave Tomorrow
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Camp-News 2015-09-25
(With apologies to the Psalmists from the Orderly Room of Co. 907, Alta Loma, Calif.)
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History 2015-07-30
Pierre woman shares her link to Civilian Conservation Corps
"Art said they had plenty to eat and a good place to sleep," Hazel said.
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Collection 2015-07-16
New Recruit Handbook
During the first few days of your life in Co. 792, you may find it difficult to accustom yourself to these new surroundings, especially if you have lived all your life in a town or city.
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Event 2015-07-16
Harney Peak Memories
George Roe visited the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota in 2012. He was part of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) crew that built the Harney Peak Fire Tower.
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History 2015-07-16
Victoria Lake
The concrete dam at Lake Victoria was damaged during the Rapid City flood on June 9th, 1972. The dam was repair a couple of times but the lake was eventually drained and never refilled.
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Camp-News 2015-07-12
35 Skunk This Month
He was not so enthusiastic about an association with a skunk he met in close quarters
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Camp-News 2015-06-26
First in South Dakota
Este was the first South Dakota camp opened and one of the last closed.
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History 2015-06-22
CCC Camps in 1933
List of first the CCC Camps. Some of them received "Bird Cages" from the US Post Office.
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Camp-News 2015-06-22
Army Personnel Changes
Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company Commander, was called to active service the fore part of this month.
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Collection 2015-06-19
What Is It?
One of the interesting items in the collection at the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota is the Backpack Water Fire Extinguisher.
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