CCC Museum of South Dakota
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Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Map of approximate camp locations in South Dakota

CCC Camps List

Research is ongoing.

Camp Prefix Designation
Camp DesignationLand OwnershipSupervising Agency

BRFederal Reclamation ProjectsBureau of Reclamation
DG (G)Public DomainDivision of Grazing

"Drought Relief Camps"
DFNational ForestU.S. Forest Service
DNPNational ParkNational Park Service
DPEPrivate LandU.S. Forest Service
DSPMunicipal ParkNational Park Service

FNational ForestU.S. Forest Service
MAMunicipal ParkNational Park Service
NMNational MonumentNational Park Service
NPNational ParkNational Park Service
PPrivate ForestU.S. Forest Service
PEUnknownNational Park Service
SCSPrivate LandSoil Conservation Service
SPMunicipal ParkNational Park Service

Research is ongoing and updates are posted as new information is discovered.